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Real time counting

download people counting download people counting download vehicle counting
moving people (crowded)
moving people (wide line)
moving vehicles

Real time classification of multiple targets

download vehicle classification
vehicle classification

Code recognition

download LPR download BCR
number plates
bar codes


To build the mosaic, no information regarding camera intrinsics or extrinsics is used. In addition, the quality of the mosaic videos is heavily affected by compression needed to make them available for download.
download TEO mosaic download outdoor lab download indoor color download panorama lab download skin mosaic
pan mosaic
outdoor (free movements)
indoor (pan&tilt)
indoor (manual pan)
capacitive skin samples

Security and monitoring

Motion detection with thermal camera
download thermal detection download thermal detection
thermal camera 1
thermal camera 2

Video Surveillance (video analytics)
download robust_detection download AUTO Tracking download running people download alarm_on_direction_1 download alarm_on_direction_2
robust detection
AUTO tracking
alarm on running
alarm on direction
alarm on custom event

Traffic monitoring
download background_generation download challenging_TMS download challenging_trajectories
automatic background generation
challenging TMS
TMS trajectories
download queue_at_the_gate download lane_change download stopped_vehicle download stopped_with_snow download U-turn
queue at the gate
lane change
stopped vehicle
stopped with snow

People tracking
download people counting download people trajectory download stand hr 10 download stand hr 13 download challenging tracking
narrow passage
people trajectories
stand 10hr
stand 13hr
challenging (crowd)
download wide line download fish-eye download heat map download stop map
casino entrance
fish-eye shot
heat map
stopped people map

Medical and biomedical image analysis

download segmented stem cells download small animal 3D PET download 3D CT download segmented skin cell
stem cell segmentation
small animal 3D PET
3D CT (lung cancer)
skin cell segmentation

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