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About us

The Computer Vision Group (CVG) is part of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DISI) of the University of Bologna. Our researchers (computer scientists, mathematicians, biomedical and electronic engineers) are involved into projects concerning image analysis and scene understanding in different fields of computer vision, pattern recognition and signal processing, using single and multiple cameras, with different wavelength (visual, IR, X-ray, etc.) and sensing technologies (capacitive, inertial, magnetic, etc.).

The research activity of CVG covers several application fields and what follows represents a significant, but not exhaustive, list:

CVG has been carrying out a well-established industrial research activity, in collaboration with leading industries in automotive, manufacturing and agribusiness sectors to develop industrial prototypes in several fields, including defect analysis and quality control, exploiting real-time static and temporal image analysis techniques concerning automatic measurements (image metrology), pattern recognition and classification.

CVG is also involved in biomedical research activities jointly with Hospitals and medical research Centres to exploit Artificial Intelligence and our quantitative imaging techniques to develop innovative automatic and non-invasive image analysis tools aiming at assisting, or even replacing, human activities, including image interpretation and phenotypes extractions for radiomics.

Our labs have been realized together with the Advanced Research Center on Electronic Systems (ARCES) and they are located in:

  • Cesena - School of Engineering and Architecture, University of Bologna, Via Cavalcavia 797, 47023 Cesena

  • Bologna - ARCES, University of Bologna, Via Toffano 2/2, 40125 Bologna
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